How Taking a Sabbatical Helped Gib Refine His Career Goals

When Gib decided to take a sabbatical from his job as the VP of product at a tech company, he was unsure what would come next in his career. Would he pursue a role as CEO or take on another VP of product role? After much thought and consideration, Gib refined his career goals by taking the time to reflect and research. Let’s explore how Gib took the steps necessary to make an informed decision about his future.

Identifying Themes & Creating A List of Potential Employers

  • Gib started by researching job opportunities that interested him. He had experience leading teams and managing products, so he knew those were areas where he had potential. He also wanted to keep challenging himself and grow professionally, so he looked for roles that offered both stability and opportunity for advancement within the company.
  • Once Gib identified some potential employers, he began assessing needs and desires in a job. He wanted to evaluate what type of role would be best suited for him in terms of location, salary, team size, and other factors that could impact his work/life balance. He also began connecting with contacts who might be able to help him find the right fit or introduce him to people who could further his search process.
  • Conversations With Peers, Friends, and Mentors Along the way, Gib had conversations with various peers, friends, and mentors who offered different perspectives on what they think was best for him based on their own experiences. Through these conversations, Gib realized becoming CEO was not the right step for him right now; instead of pursuing roles with high-level responsibilities too soon in his career journey, he learned more about other VP product roles available at companies where he could continue learning while making meaningful contributions over time.
  • Gib also received guidance from professionals who have been through similar processes before and helped him refine his goals according to what would be most beneficial for him at this stage in his career path. This included advice about finding organizations that value transparency about their culture and have transparent feedback loops between employees and leadership teams—something which is important if you want your voice heard at an organization no matter your level or title.


In the end, after completing all this self-reflection exercise gib decided on a VP Product role at a tech company that values transparency between its employees and leadership team – something which is important if you want your voice heard at an organization no matter your level or title .This role will allow Gib to challenge himself while continuing to learn new skills over time while still feeling supported by those around him – something which is essential when embarking on any new professional journey! Taking a sabbatical proved invaluable for Gib’s journey towards refining his career goals; it allowed him enough space to research potential employers as well as connect with peers who provided valuable insights into what would be most beneficial for him professionally during this stage of growth! By doing so ,Gib was able to make an informed decision that fit perfectly with where he wants go next in life!

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