How Grid110 has Been Supporting Entrepreneurship in Los Angeles

Blog Introduction: Miki Reynolds, the Executive Director of Grid110, has been championing entrepreneurship and innovation in Los Angeles for the past six years. Founded on the principle of providing resources and programming to early-stage startups, Grid110 has had tremendous success in connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with tech industry professionals. This post will highlight some of their successes as well as explore various alternatives to venture capital funding for early-stage startups.

Miki Reynolds and the Grid110 Team

The team at Grid110 is mainly focused on providing resources and programming to early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a successful business in Los Angeles. The core of their mission is to create connection between founders, investors, and industry professionals so that everyone can benefit from each other’s expertise. Over the past six years, Miki and the team have worked hard to build an inclusive network which includes individuals from all walks of life—from those living in inaccessible Westside areas to underrepresented individuals who need additional support—so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Applications for their Fall 2020 programs close on July 31st, so if you’re interested you should definitely apply now! Additionally, they offer a variety of workshops such as “How To Pitch Your Company” which provide valuable insights into how you can effectively communicate your story with potential investors or customers.

Alternatives to Venture Capital Funding for Early-Stage Startups

Venture capital funding is not always available or accessible for early-stage startups; however, there are other alternatives available that may be a better fit for certain projects or companies. Crowdfunding options such as equity investing platforms or rewards based crowdfunding are great examples of alternative methods for obtaining startup funds. Angel investors are also another great way to get access to large sums of money from wealthy individuals who have invested specifically in small businesses and startups; platforms like Air table of Female Angels, AngelList, and Backstage Crowd syndicate can help you find potential angel investors for your project. Additionally, there are grants from both federal government sources as well as private foundations available for qualifying startups; websites like Grants & Awards from Funders Club list out available grants by state while websites like Grant Watch feature both federal and private grant opportunities available across the US. Lastly, small bank loans are another option if your startup needs more than just seed funding but doesn’t quite qualify yet for venture capital funding; local banks usually have loan programs tailored towards small business owners/entrepreneurs.


In summary, Miki Reynolds and her team at Grid110 have done a remarkable job providing resources and programming necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in Los Angeles. Applications close soon so make sure you apply soon if interested! Also discussed were various alternatives to venture capital funding such as crowdfunding options (equity investing platforms/rewards based crowdfunding), angel investors (Airtable of Female Angels/AngelList/Backstage Crowd syndicate), grants (federal government & private foundations) & small bank loans – these all offer viable options when VC funding isn’t feasible or accessible for your startup or project. We hope this post was helpful in familiarizing yourself with what Grid 110 does & understanding some alternative methods for obtaining startup funds! Best of luck!

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