Unlock the Possibilities of Creative Thinking

Creativity is the currency of the future

How creative are you?

That’s the key question to ask yourself. Your creativity can be expressed in numerous ways, from Dai Vernon and Annie Leibovitz to Walt Disney, Eminem, Pop Haydn, Joe Bonamassa, Adam Wilber and Jackson Pollock. It is this diversity of creativity that can make it such an exhilarating honor to share art with the world. I found my passion in Business, Magic, Photography and Filmmaking but couldn’t draw  a portrait for the life of me.

The 21st century has seen creative minds become one of the most sought-after resources. With powerful tools enabled by technology and AI, creativity is a must for developing solutions that make a difference. As access to these cutting-edge technologies increases, so does creativity’s value – it is becoming an indispensable asset for staying ahead of competition.

It is evident that 93% of CEOs are aware of the importance of nurturing creativity and innovation but only 14% feel they have put into place the right strategies to foster this natural resource. The exponentially changing business environment means that more than ever, organizations must invest in creative capabilities to meet modern-day challenges. Creativity has become a powerful asset for leaders tapping into its limitless potential. When used effectively it can bring about positive changes such as enhanced recruiting, higher employee engagement, sharpened skillsets and improved customer experiences – ultimately leading to higher shareholder value.

In short – everyone can tap into their creativity and use it within their field of expertise – from customer service or life insurance sales to software engineering or parenting or persuasion. At a time when competition is at its highest, it is essential to ask ourselves: Is investing in ingenuity an option or a necessity? Luckily all it takes is unleashing your skills in combination with your imagination – then watch as your artistry helps you succeed in all aspects of life!

Vulpine Creations

Do you want to learn more about my creative outlet?

Take a trip to the world of Vulpine Creations! – Where our mission is to make magic and the magicians who perform it better. For over 30 years, we have experienced the best and worst of magic, from effects and performances to products. Our goal is simple: to use our knowledge and expertise to ensure you become an amazing magician.

Vulpine Creations – „We don’t sell tricks. We create Magicians.

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