How to Utilize Coaching and Mentoring, and Improve Product Sense

Blog Introduction: In today’s world, entrepreneurs and CEOs must be able to effectively coach their teams while also having strong product sense in order to remain competitive. This is especially true for mid-sized companies that are trying to grow quickly. But how can you do this? In this blog post, we will discuss how to utilize coaching/mentoring and build strong product sense as an early product manager in a mid-sized company.

Coaching and Mentoring Your Direct Reports Effectively and Efficiently

Effective coaching/mentoring is key for creating a successful team in any size organization, but it can be especially beneficial in a smaller, growing organization. The benefits of effective coaching/mentoring include increased productivity, higher retention rates, better communication between employees and leaders, improved employee morale, and stronger relationships within the organization.

To make the most of your time when coaching/mentoring direct reports, there are several strategies that you should consider implementing. First, try limiting the number of headed teams or departments so that you can focus on each one more closely. You should also delegate tasks whenever possible to free up time for coaching/mentoring activities. By delegating tasks efficiently, you will be able to provide quality feedback on progress without taking away from other important activities.

When coaching/mentoring direct reports it is important to avoid common pitfalls such as neglecting feedback or providing too much feedback at once. It is also important not to micromanage; instead allow your direct reports autonomy to develop their skillset further. Finally, avoid giving too many directives at once; instead focus on the specific skills that need improvement and work with your team members on those issues first before tackling larger projects or goals.

Building Strong Product Sense as an Early Product Manager in a Mid-Sized Company

Having strong product sense can help mid-sized companies stay competitive by ensuring they are delivering products that meet customer needs quickly and effectively. There are several advantages of improving product sense in a mid-sized company including being able to identify new opportunities faster than larger organizations due to more agile processes; developing better products quicker which leads to increased customer satisfaction; understanding customer needs better which helps drive innovation; having better access to market data due to smaller research budgets; and understanding competitor’s moves quickly due to close proximity with customers who may have access or experience with the competition’s products faster than larger companies may have access or experience with them first hand.

  • There are several tips that can help build product sense within a mid-sized company including auditing current user flows of existing products; doing teardowns of competitors’ products; having people pick their favorite products for teardowns so everyone has ownership over ideas being discussed; looking at specialized apps related to the use case being focused on (e.g., healthcare apps); surveying customers about what they want from products they use; conducting A/B testing where appropriate; reading industry news regularly; attending relevant industry events such as conferences or seminars; talking with experts in the field who understand competing solutions well; seeking out peers who have similar roles at other organizations (even if they’re competitors) so you can learn from each other’s experiences; etcetera..
  • The main challenges when trying improve product sense include staying up-to-date on ever changing trends in technology and user preferences which requires continual learning even after mastering a skill set initially required for success in this role as well as staying motivated despite occasional setbacks or feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available online about success stories from other companies which could lead one down comparison path instead of focusing efforts on own initiatives towards building something great from scratch based on own experiences & observations . To overcome these challenges it is important stay focused & organized when researching topics related your domain knowledge & don’t forget take breaks often give yourself chance recharge & reflect progress made far . Additionally , don’t hesitate reach out colleagues peers seek advice guidance along way . Having someone else point out mistakes before making them yourself invaluable resource learning process !


Effective coaching/mentoring combined with strong product sense is essential for any entrepreneur or CEO wanting their business succeed in today’s highly competitive world. By utilizing strategies like limiting headed teams, delegating tasks efficiently, auditing current user flows, doing teardowns of competitors’ products, looking at specialized apps related to the use case being focused on etc., entrepreneurs and CEOs can ensure their businesses remain competitive while still providing quality services and products tailored specifically for their customers needs! With practice comes mastery – never stop learning!

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