How to Foster Collaboration Between Product and Support Teams

When product and support teams work together, the end result is usually more efficient operations, better customer service, and improved products. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with collaboration between these two departments due to differences in their respective perspectives. In this blog post, we’ll discuss two suggestions from experts on how to foster collaboration between product and support teams.

Debbie Widjaja’s Suggestion: Create a Platform for Collecting Customer Insights

The first suggestion comes from Debbie Widjaja, an expert on customer experience and product management. She suggests creating a platform where product and support teams can collect customer insights collaboratively. This platform should be used to communicate customer feedback with both the product team and the support team at the same time. With such a platform in place, each department will have access to the same customer feedback which will create opportunities for them to discuss customer insights together and identify potential problems that need to be addressed.

In order to implement this solution successfully, there are a few things you should consider. First, it is important that your support team focuses on understanding the problems customers are having instead of providing solutions right away. This will help ensure that the entire team is focused on collecting accurate data about customer issues before trying to devise solutions for them. Second, you’ll need to create a platform for collecting customer insights as well as facilitating conversations about them in order for both teams to stay informed throughout the process.

Yonatan Shaham’s Suggestion: Introduce Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Support Teams

The second suggestion comes from Yonatan Shaham, who specializes in helping companies build strong collaborative relationships between product and service teams. He suggests introducing SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) into your support teams so they can provide additional knowledge when it comes to understanding customers’ use cases and requirements when building products or services. By having subject matter experts in your support team who can understand customer needs as well as technical requirements, you can ensure that your products meet those needs while still being technically sound.

In order to implement this solution effectively you should establish an SME program within your support team that includes training courses as well as mentorship opportunities from other experts within the company or industry field. Additionally, spend some time analyzing data from tickets, chats/calls etc., in order to uncover potential areas for further investigation or development by either side of the departments involved -product or service- ergo improving communication between both sides whilst also introducing better ideas faster than ever before! Finally develop protocols for having regular conversations between SMEs and product teams/managers so all parties involved can work together towards successful implementation of solutions based on customer feedback or experiences! Conclusion: Both Debbie Widjaja’s suggestion of creating a platform for collecting customer insights as well as Yonatan Shaham’s recommendation of introducing SMEs into supporting teams offer great ways of fostering collaboration between product and service departments while also keeping up with customers’ needs simultaneously! In order for them both to be successful however its important that all parties involved invest considerable amount of effort into research & analysis (for example via data mining techniques), creative problem solving & most importantly communication amongst themselves! This way project founders & CEOs can easily evaluate if progress is being made efficiently & swiftly ensuring maximum satisfaction out of every task taken upon by any given department!

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