Harnessing the Power of Augmented Reality Art with PlugXR and KIWIE

Augmented reality art, or AR art, is an exciting new technology that combines digital components and the physical world to create powerful, immersive experiences. AR art offers incredible benefits for both artists and viewers alike, such as real-time interactions with viewers in 3D space, cross-industry collaborations that produce unique works of art, and much more. Today we’ll explore how two trailblazers in the AR art space – PlugXR and KIWIE – are pushing boundaries with their innovative projects.

Integrating Digital Components & The Physical World in AR Art Installations

PlugXR is a leading augmented reality platform which allows users to create stunning interactive 3D experiences like never before. Through their creative technology platform, users can integrate digital components into the physical world for a truly immersive experience. They have created interactive installations for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Microsoft, AT&T and Google. By combining digital elements with physical ones, they are able to create amazing interactive experiences that engage viewers in new and exciting ways.

Real-Time Interactions With Viewers in 3D Space

One of the biggest advantages that augmented reality art provides is its ability to engage viewers in real-time interactions within 3D space. This allows users to explore their creations from every angle while creating a truly unique experience each time they enter into it. For example, PlugXR has developed an interactive installation for Microsoft called “The Power Of You” which allows users to explore different scenarios on screen by using head movements and hand gestures. The user has complete control over what they see on screen as they move around it in 3D space – something that traditional 2D media cannot provide.

Cross-Industry Collaboration For Unique Works Of Art

AR art also offers the potential for cross-industry collaboration between artists from different disciplines who may not normally work together on projects. For example, PlugXR recently collaborated with artist KIWIE on his project “NFT Street Art” which combines traditional street art techniques with modern augmented reality technology to create a truly unique piece of artwork. It was developed as part of an initiative to promote nonfungible tokens (NFTs) – digital assets that are stored on blockchain networks – as well as a way to inspire other creators to explore the possibilities afforded by AR technology.

Bringing Crafts Alive With High Quality Material & Imagination

Another great benefit of AR art is its ability to take crafts alive with high quality material & imagination! Using their own custom tools like Interactive Paint Tools (IPT), PlugXR enables users to directly interact with objects inside an augmented reality environment without any coding knowledge or programming skills required. This makes it easy for anyone from beginner level makers all the way up to professional 3D designers & animators create awe inspiring visuals & craftsmanship pieces using just their IPT tool kit! With this level of accessibility & ease of use anyone can make something special using just their creativity!


In summary, augmented reality art offers limitless possibilities when it comes to creating unique experiences for both artists and viewers alike. By harnessing its power through platforms like PlugXR and projects like NFT Street Art by KIWIE, we are seeing how this revolutionary technology can be used in innovative ways across industries and beyond our expectations! As founders and CEOs look at new technologies emerging today, finding creative applications for AR will be essential for staying ahead of competition and capitalizing on opportunities provided by these cutting edge toolsets!

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