Finding Your First 10 B2B Customers

Business-to-business (B2B) businesses, just like any other business, need customers in order to be successful. But how do you find the first ten customers when you are just starting out? Here we explore the strategies used by successful B2B companies to find their first ten customers and how you can use them too.

Leveraging Personal Networks for Finding Early Customers

One of the most effective strategies for finding your first ten customers is leveraging your personal network. This means reaching out to people that you know—friends, family, and colleagues—and asking if they or anyone they know may be interested in what you are offering. You never know who may have a connection to someone who can benefit from your product or service.

For example, ZoomInfo had success with this strategy when they launched their business in 2000. They reached out to their existing contacts and asked them if they knew anyone looking for a better way to gain access to contact information on potential customers. This strategy worked and eventually resulted in ZoomInfo having over 100,000 paying customers at one point!

Seeking Out Potential Customers in Places They Are Spending Time

Another effective strategy for finding early B2B customers is seeking out potential customers in places where they are spending time online. This could include industry forums, LinkedIn groups, and even Twitter chats. By connecting with potential customers in these places, you can start building relationships that may eventually lead to sales down the line.

An example of a company that had success with this approach is Recruiterbox – an applicant tracking system software company based out of India. They started attending industry events and joining forums related to recruiting software solutions so that they could connect directly with potential users of their product. As a result of their efforts, Recruiterbox was able to acquire three paying clients within two months!


Finding your first ten B2B customers doesn’t have to be difficult if you focus on leveraging your personal networks as well as seeking out potential customers in places they are spending time online. By utilizing these strategies, successful companies such as ZoomInfo and Recruiterbox were able to achieve great results quickly and efficiently. So if you’re a project founder or CEO looking for ways to find your first ten B2B customers, these strategies should give you a good starting point! Good luck!

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