A Unique Way to Celebrate 160 Years of Stockmann Department Stores

Blog Introduction: Stockmann department stores are celebrating 160 years in business and they’ve thought of an innovative way to mark the occasion – with a mobile augmented reality game. Players join an interactive Christmas party and take part in an adventure that will help animals find cake ingredients. With no downloads or registration required, this is a great way for people to join in the celebration. Let’s explore the game and how it can be accessed by anyone.

The Game Story & Objectives

The story begins at Stockmann’s Christmas window where players launch the game from a QR code or link. Players are then taken on an interactive journey inside the department store, helping animals find cake ingredients while collecting points along the way. When they complete all of their tasks, they’ll be rewarded with a surprise prize after completing the cake!


This mobile augmented reality game is incredibly accessible as there are no downloads or registration requirements necessary to access it through a browser. This makes it easy for everyone to join in on the fun, no matter what device they’re using! Furthermore, since anyone can access this digital experience without any special software or apps, it allows people to explore without worrying about compatibility issues or other technical barriers.


Stockmann department stores have found a unique and engaging way to celebrate their 160th anniversary with an AR Christmas adventure. Through this interactive journey, customers can help animals find cake ingredients while collecting points towards prizes along the way. What’s great about this experience is that no downloads or registrations are necessary – anyone can join in on this festive occasion from any device! This is a great example of how businesses can use technology and creativity to engage with customers in new and innovative ways. Congratulations Stockmann on your success!

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