Using Scrum to Create and Maintain a Shared Product Vision

Scrum is an agile development framework that helps product teams to deliver a product within a given timeframe. It is based on the idea of collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement. There are five essential elements of Scrum that help teams focus on achieving their goals and deliver customer value. The most important element of all is having a shared product vision.

What is a Shared Product Vision?

A shared product vision is an understanding amongst the team of who the target customers are, what their needs and expectations are, and how to conceptualize the product’s appearance, functionality, and user experience. Having this understanding allows everyone to work together towards creating a successful product.

Setting Realistic Goals with Minimum Functionality

When establishing the shared product vision, it’s important to set realistic goals for time-to-market and prioritize features to avoid scope creep. It’s also important to identify the minimum functionality needed for a successful launch so that teams don’t waste time trying to add every possible feature before releasing the product.

Obtaining Customer Feedback on the Product

Once the minimum viable product (MVP) has been established, it’s important to obtain customer feedback on it in order to refine it further before its final release. This can be done by utilizing sprint reviews which allow team members to get feedback from customers on how they feel about various aspects of the product such as usability or design. Through this process, teams can continue refining their products until it meets customer needs and expectations.


Creating a successful product requires a clear shared vision among team members as well as ongoing customer feedback in order to refine it further before its final release. By using Scrum and its five essential elements—such as having a shared vision and obtaining customer feedback—teams can develop products quickly while still delivering quality results within their given timeframe. Project founders and CEOs should consider using Scrum when developing their products in order to ensure success in today’s competitive market environment.

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