Using Ian McAllister’s Template for Internal Press Releases

Are you a project founder, CEO, or business owner looking to spread the word about your new product or service? Then you need an internal press release! Creating an internal press release is a great way to increase your visibility online and get the word out about your product or service. In this blog post, we will look at why using an internal press release is beneficial, how to utilize Ian McAllister’s template to create one, and examples of how it can be used.

Benefits of Internal Press Releases

Internal press releases offer many benefits when it comes to marketing a product or service. One of the main advantages is increased credibility and trustworthiness for your brand. An internal press release showcases that you have taken the time and effort to create something worthwhile; this helps build customer trust in what you are providing. Additionally, by creating an internal press release, you are establishing a good relationship with media outlets and can potentially gain even more exposure for your product or service. Finally, creating an internal press release allows you to raise awareness about what you are offering as well as educate customers on the value that it brings them.

How to Use Ian McAllister’s Template

Ian McAllister has created a template specifically designed for creating internal press releases that provides structure and guidance on how best to go about doing so. This template includes sections such as title and subtitle section; date of intended launch date section; intro paragraph detailing the product or service being launched section; problem paragraph outlining customer problems it solves section; solution paragraph describing how it works section; quote by leader in company explaining why they decided to tackle this problem & how their solution solves it section; description of what customers have to do & how product/service works section; fake customer quote praising its effectiveness section. Utilizing this template makes crafting an effective internal press release easy!

Examples of Using Ian McAllister’s Template with Circulert App as Example

Let’s take a look at an example of using Ian McAllister’s template: Circulert App. Circulert App is a mobile app designed for helping people manage their finances better by tracking their spending habits and budgeting accordingly. By utilizing the sections included in Ian McAllister’s template (title & subtitle section, date of intended launch date section etc.), we can craft a compelling message that explains why Circulert App was created in order to solve customer pain points related to managing finances better and provide users with valuable insight into their spending habits through its intuitive dashboard feature.


A Look at the Benefits of Utilizing an Internal Press Release and Ian McAllister’s Template Utilizing an internal press release combined with Ian McAllister’s template offers many advantages when marketing a new product or service. Not only does it increase credibility and trustworthiness for your brand but also establishes relationships with media outlets while raising awareness about what you are offering customers through educating them on its value! Crafting effective messages using Ian McAllister’s template can help make sure that your message resonates with potential customers while ensuring that all key points are included in order to make sure they understand all aspects associated with using your product or service! No matter what type of business you own, utilizing an internal press release combined with Ian McAllister’s template can help maximize its effectiveness when getting the word out about what you are providing customers!

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