Unlocking the Potential of AR Apps in Online Education

With the current pandemic, educators and institutions have been forced to take their classes online. While this has been a challenge, it is also an opportunity for innovative solutions like Augmented Reality (AR) apps to come into play as an effective teaching tool. This blog post will discuss the potential of AR apps in online education, what AR is, and why you should use PlugXR to create your own custom AR app.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital information onto real-world objects or environments. It is used in various industries including gaming, entertainment, retail, healthcare, and education. In education, it can be used to create interactive lessons and activities that incorporate 3D images and animations into physical learning spaces. This allows teachers to engage their students without having them physically present in the classroom.

How Does it Work?

AR applications are made up of three components: a camera, computer vision algorithms, and graphics processing units (GPUs). The camera captures images from its environment which are then processed by computer vision algorithms to detect objects or locations. GPUs are then used to render 3D graphics onto these objects or locations in real time. The result is an immersive experience for users as they interact with digital content in the physical world around them.

Examples of AR Applications in Education

There are many ways that AR can be used in education such as creating interactive lessons with 3D images and animation; providing virtual tours of museums or historical sites; creating augmented reality worksheets; using facial recognition technology for attendance tracking; incorporating virtual reality (VR) into classrooms; and more. Additionally, some universities have even begun offering courses on how to develop your own custom AR app! What is PlugXR? And Why Should Educators Use It? PlugXR is a platform designed specifically for educators who want to create their own custom AR application without any coding knowledge required. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and a library of pre-made assets so you don’t have to start from scratch when creating your app. Additionally, PlugXR offers analytics tools so you can track user engagement with your app over time.


When it comes to online education during this unprecedented time period due to COVID-19 pandemic , leveraging power of Augmented Reality apps could prove very beneficial for both students & educators . We saw how definition & workings of Augmented Reality could be useful for educational purposes followed by overview & advantages offered by PlugXR over other platforms .We hope educators make best use of these applications available today , enabling them not only provide engaging content but also maintain quality control over what needs taught .Therefore we conclude our blog post here & thank our readers for taking out time reading through it ! Stay safe ! Stay Home ! Stay Educated !

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