The Habits of Highly Annoying Product Managers (And How to Avoid Becoming One)

Product managers are an essential part of the product development process. They ensure that the team is on track and working together to create a successful project. But, unfortunately, there are some product managers who can quickly become annoying and disruptive to a team’s success. In this blog post, we’ll explore five habits of highly annoying PMs, and how you can avoid becoming one yourself.

What Is a Product Manager?

A product manager is responsible for leading the product development process from concept to launch. They work with cross-functional teams to develop products that meet customer needs and business objectives. PMs also act as liaisons between departments, making sure everyone is on the same page throughout the entire product cycle. In short, they play a critical role in ensuring that their team creates successful projects.

The Benefits of Having Great PMs on the Team

Having great PMs on your team leads to better communication and collaboration between departments, resulting in higher-quality products that meet customer needs more effectively. Good PMs also tend to be organized, with strong problem-solving skills that help them identify issues early on in the process before they become major problems down the line. Finally, good PMs make sure everyone is working together as efficiently as possible so your team can create amazing products faster—which translates into greater success for your business overall!

Five Habits of Highly Annoying PMs

While great PMs are an asset to any team, there are some bad habits that can quickly turn a good PM into an annoying one. Here are five habits of highly annoying PMs:

1. Obsessing Over Frameworks/Processes/The ‘Right’ Way To Do Product – Every project has its own unique challenges and requirements; what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. So it’s important for product managers to understand when it’s necessary to change things up or go off-script in order to get the job done right — instead of insisting that everything follow rigid frameworks or processes at all times.

2. Prioritizing Impulsively – Product managers need to be able to prioritize tasks efficiently — but impulsively changing priorities on a whim isn’t going to help anyone meet their goals or deadlines . It only serves to confuse everyone involved and create unnecessary stress and chaos within the team environment .

3. Expecting Everything To Be Quickly Executed – Good PMs understand and accept that creating quality products takes time; expecting every task or feature request should be executed right away isn’t realistic , nor is it helpful . It’s important not rush through tasks just because they seem simple or easy — taking shortcuts almost always leads to subpar results down the line .

4. Avoiding Decisions And Being Too Prescriptive – A good product manager knows how enable their teams by giving them autonomy while still providing guidance when needed; they don’t micromanage or dictate every move . This means encouraging others ideas rather than simply pushing their own agenda . They should also be willing make decisions when needed instead avoiding them altogether .

5 . Not Communicating Clearly Or Effectively With The Team – Good communication is key when managing any project , especially ones with multiple moving parts involving numerous stakeholders across different departments . Product managers need ensure everyone clearly understands what needs done , why it’s being done , and any timelines associated with it too – otherwise there will inevitably be confusion and frustration amongst your teammates which can derail progress altogether .


While having great product managers on your team can lead greater success overall , having bad ones who display these habits can quickly lead chaos within your team dynamic if not addressed quickly . By understanding these five habits of highly annoying PMs , you can take steps avoid becoming one yourself ! Additionally , focus developing strong listening skills , embracing flexibility openness within your team when necessary , taking responsibility for actions communicating clearly effectively about goals objectives – all which will help you create successful teams overall ! What other habits do you think make someone an annoying product manager ? Let us know in comment section below !

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