The Benefits of Using a Metaverse Experience for Onboarding New Hires

Global E-Commerce Company is an organization that specializes in providing virtual experiences for onboarding new hires. GMetri, the company’s technology partner, has created a customized virtual reality (VR) environment – known as the Metaverse – to provide an immersive onboarding experience for new hires. In this blog post, we will explore how GMetri’s customization of the Metaverse Experience provides personalized avatars and quizzes, use of animated characters as guides and mentors, and a 360-degree shoot of the client’s office as a backdrop for the immersive onboarding experience.

GMetri’s Customization of the Metaverse Experience

GMetri has customized the Metaverse Experience to provide new hires with personalized avatars and quizzes to help them better understand their roles within the organization. They also utilize animated characters as guides and mentors in order to create relationships with new hires from day one. Furthermore, they employ a 360-degree shoot of the client’s office as a backdrop for an immersive onboarding experience. This allows new hires to get familiar with their work environment before actually stepping foot into it.

Results of Implementing the Metaverse Experience for Onboarding New Hires

The implementation of the Metaverse Experience for onboarding new hires has resulted in meeting leaders in virtual settings and engaging conversations in safe environments. This creates an opportunity for new hires to build relationships with leaders from day one without having to worry about making mistakes or feeling like they are out of their depth. It also helps reduce stress levels during meetings since there is no physical barrier between leader and employees. This can lead to more productive meetings where everyone is on equal footing regardless of rank or position within the company.


Overall, utilizing a metaverse experience for onboarding new hires can be beneficial both in terms of personalizing information and creating safe environments for meaningful conversations between leaders and employees. By customizing avatars, quizzes, games, animated characters as guides & mentors, and utilizing 360-degree shots of offices as backdrops; organizations can ensure that they are providing their employees with an immersive experience that will set them up for success from day one! Project Founders & CEOs should consider using this type of technology when onboarding new staff members in order to maximize efficiency while also humanizing interactions between leaders & employees at all levels!

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