Strategies For Solid Distribution: Justin Kan’s Tweets and Peter Thiel’s Opinion on Distribution

It is no secret that startups face immense challenges when it comes to launching and sustaining their businesses. One of the biggest challenges is distribution; getting your product off the ground in a major market or region can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are key strategies that can help startups reach their goals. Justin Kan, founder of Twitch and Y Combinator, recently tweeted about Peter Thiel’s opinion on distribution for successful startups. According to Thiel, companies should focus on three main strategies: start with a pre-existing audience, use viral loops, and be first on an emerging platform. In this blog post, we will outline these strategies and explain why they are so important for successful startups.

The Importance of Distribution for Successful Startups

One of the main reasons why so many startups fail is because of poor distribution. Without adequate distribution, products and services will not reach the right audiences quickly enough. This results in missed opportunities which can lead to a lack of visibility in the marketplace or difficulty establishing valuable connections with potential customers or partners.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that can help startups improve their distribution efforts. The first strategy is to start with a pre-existing audience; leveraging an already established fan base or customer list can provide an instant boost to your product offerings. Additionally, developing a unique viral loop through marketing campaigns and social media can help spread awareness about your products quickly. Finally, being first on an emerging platform allows you to establish yourself as a leading authority in your field before anyone else has had the chance to do so; this also provides invaluable exposure as well as plenty of opportunities for partnerships and collaborations down the line.

Closing Strategic Partnerships & Bringing Extraordinary Hustle

In addition to implementing effective distribution strategies, startup founders should also focus on closing early strategic partnerships as well as bringing extraordinary hustle into every aspect of their business operations. Closing strategic partnerships helps entrepreneurs access industry resources faster while benefitting from existing relationship networks quickly; this puts them ahead of their competition who may not have taken advantage of these resources yet. Furthermore, bringing extraordinary hustle into development processes increases momentum while increasing the likelihood of professional opportunities that can further bolster success efforts even more.


In order for new startups to succeed today’s extremely competitive landscape, it is essential for them to have effective strategies for solid distribution in place from day one. As Justin Kan’s tweets indicated, Peter Thiel believes that entrepreneurs should focus on starting with a pre-existing audience; developing unique viral loops; being first on an emerging platform; closing early strategic partnerships; and bringing extraordinary hustle into every aspect of their business operations in order to maximize success chances from the beginning stages onward. By following these guidelines diligently from day one onwards will enable new startups owners to make sure they have all necessary elements in place before launching any products or services out onto the market successfully!

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