Strategies for Growing Your Labor Marketplace Supply

As the founder of a new labor marketplace, you know just how important it is to ensure your supply matches the demand. To do this, you need to deploy a variety of strategies that will enable you to reach and recruit potential suppliers. Here are five key strategies for growing your labor marketplace supply.

Job Boards as a Source of Early-Stage Supply

One of the most popular methods of finding qualified suppliers is by utilizing job boards like Indeed or Monster. These job boards allow project founders to post open positions and look through already posted resumes from people seeking jobs in their field. This is an effective way to get qualified people quickly, but it does require project founders to sift through hundreds of resumes which can be time consuming.

The Power of Direct Outreach to Connect with Potential Suppliers

Another option for finding potential suppliers is direct outreach campaigns. Project founders can use LinkedIn or other social media outlets to connect with current or former colleagues who might be interested in providing services for their projects. This method has proven successful as it allows project founders to target specific individuals who may be more likely to accept their offer than random strangers on job boards. However, there’s no guarantee that these contacts will be interested in working with the project founder’s company so this strategy requires a lot of research and dedication.

Leveraging Networks to Increase Supply in Labor Marketplaces

Project founders can also leverage existing networks they have access to in order find potential suppliers for their labor marketplaces. A great example of this strategy would be military base initiatives where veterans are connected with work opportunities upon transitioning back into civilian life. By networking within communities such as these, project founders can make sure they are getting quality candidates who are dedicated and reliable workers for their projects. Although recruiting through networks takes some extra effort and initiative on behalf of the project founder, it can pay off significantly when done correctly.


By utilizing job boards, direct outreach campaigns, and leveraging existing networks, project founders can easily find qualified suppliers for their labor marketplaces without having to spend too much time or money doing so. These strategies are essential for any project founder looking to grow their labor marketplace supply efficiently and effectively. With these five key strategies in mind, any project founder should be able to create a successful labor marketplace that meets their needs and exceeds customer expectations!

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