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Positioning Your Business: Achieving the Right Product Market Fit

Positioning is an important part of any business’s success. It is how you promote, market and position your product or service to potential customers. Poor positioning can limit your potential customer base, while effective positioning will help you reach more people and increase sales. Let’s dive into what positioning is and how to improve it for maximum success!

What Is Positioning?

Positioning is the process of crafting a message that resonates with your target audience and helps them identify with your brand. It involves making sure that all messaging, from marketing materials to website copy, clearly conveys the value of your product or service and why it should be chosen over the competition.

Examples of Poor Positioning and its Results

Poorly positioned products or companies often focus too much on their own needs as a company rather than those of their customers. For example, instead of highlighting features that are beneficial to potential customers, they may highlight features that are merely impressive to them (e.g., “We have 10 years of experience in this field”). As a result, these companies tend to lose market share because they are not effectively communicating their value proposition or connecting with potential customers.

How to Improve Positioning

To improve positioning there are two key steps you can take: shift from “for the company” to “for the person” and remove B2B only requirements for potential customers. When crafting messaging for potential customers, focus on showing them why working with you will benefit them personally (e.g., “Our product/service will save you time so that you can focus on other things”). Additionally, if possible remove any B2B only requirements from your website or other marketing materials so that anyone can access your product/service without having to jump through hoops first. This will expand your reach and make it easier for people to purchase from you in the long run.


Positioning matters if you want to achieve product-market fit—the point where your product meets the demands of its target market and gains traction among users accordingly. With proper positioning in place companies can see improved conversion rates—from website visitors becoming leads, leads becoming paying customers, etc.—which ultimately translates into increased sales revenue over time. To position yourself effectively it’s important to craft messages that resonate with potential customers by focusing on how working with you benefits THEM personally rather than just promoting features that are impressive but not necessarily beneficial for them directly. Being able to do this well is key when it comes achieving success in today’s competitive markets!

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