Measuring Product-Market Fit with Tribe Capital

Product-market fit (PMF) is a key metric for any business and understanding it is essential for meeting your growth goals. But, how can you measure PMF? Tribe Capital provides a framework and utilizes company data to measure the success of PMF. Let’s explore some of the specifics of what that looks like.

Growth Accounting

Growth accounting helps companies track their progress over time by tracking different types of customer activity and understanding how various factors influence customer retention. This includes looking at gross retention, quick ratio, and net churn. Gross retention measures the percentage of customers who remain active in a given month or year; quick ratio measures the percentage of new customers from one period to another; net churn looks at the overall number of customers lost in a given period and compares it to the number gained in that same period. All three metrics are important when measuring product-market fit as they tell us more about our customers’ behavior over time.

Customer Cohorts

Another way to measure PMF is through customer cohorts – which look at user segments across multiple channels or locations over time. This allows us to analyze trends in retention rates by seeing how these user segments differ in terms of spending habits, usage patterns, etc. It also allows us to assess the effectiveness of different ad campaigns or pricing strategies on new customers and see if there is any correlation between them and changes in PMF over time. This type of data can be very useful in understanding our customer base better and ultimately making better decisions around product-market fit.

Distribution Of Product Market Fit

Distribution analysis helps us understand how our product-market fit varies across different markets or periods of time. By examining distributions across these different variables we can identify outliers which may indicate areas where we need to focus more attention or opportunities for improvement in our product-market fit strategy. Comparing distributions across different markets or periods can help us identify any trends or changes in performance that may be influencing our overall PMF score as well as give us insights into potential opportunities for further optimization.


In conclusion, Tribe Capital provides a powerful framework for measuring product-market fit utilizing company data such as growth accounting, customer cohorts, and distribution analysis. These tools help businesses make informed decisions based on real data so they can achieve successful product-market fit faster than ever before – allowing them to grow their business more quickly while avoiding costly mistakes along the way. For project founders and CEOs looking to make sound decisions backed by data, Tribe Capital’s frameworks are invaluable resources that should not be overlooked!

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