Maximize Your Productivity and Energy with Katia Verresen

Are you a project founder or CEO looking for ways to maximize your productivity and energy? If so, look no further than Katia Verresen’s practice. She helps tech founders find the tools they need to achieve “performance-plus”, which she explains as having “the ability to perform at a high level over an extended period of time without sacrificing energy or joy.” Let’s take a look at how she does this.

Auditing Behavior

One of the first steps in Katia Verresen’s program is auditing behavior. This entails tracking alertness and exhaustion hourly for 3-7 days using data points such as heart rate, sleep quality, waking temperature, movement patterns, and more. This data allows her to create an individualized plan tailored specifically to each client’s physical, emotional, and mental energy reserves.

Tactics for Maximizing Productivity & Energy

After collecting the behavior audit data and creating individualized plans tailored to each client’s needs, Katia Verresen recommends tactics that can help them reach their performance-plus goal. These include calendar blocking (scheduling tasks according to one’s own unique peak performance times), counting breaths when in fight-or-flight mode (which helps reduce stress levels), deep breathing exercises (which promote calmness), getting enough sleep (which is key for resetting the body), and taking 10 minute breaks regularly (which help prevent burnout). Implementing these tactics into one’s daily routine can be incredibly beneficial in maximizing productivity and energy levels.

Peer Coaching Opportunities

Finally, peer coaching opportunities with colleagues are also encouraged by Katia Verresen in order to pinpoint efficiency opportunities that exhaustion may have previously caused clients to miss out on. These conversations with peers can help shed light on areas where improvement could be made in order to maximize productivity and energy levels even further.


Maximizing one’s productivity and energy levels is key for any project founder or CEO who wants to achieve success in their field. With guidance from professionals like Katia Verresen as well as an individualized plan tailored specifically to an individual’s needs, it is possible for anyone to live up their highest potential while still maintaining balance between work life and personal life. With her tools by your side, you will be able to reach performance-plus before you know it!

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