How to Make the Most Out of Press for Your Startup

As startups, it is important to understand that press is not just a nice-to-have. It should be treated as an essential part of your business development and growth strategy. The right kind of press can provide a much-needed boost in visibility, credibility, and even funding opportunities. This blog post will discuss four categories of news that are most relevant for startups, along with tips on how to make the most out of press.

Product Launches and Features

Product launches and features are prime opportunities for generating press. A well-crafted announcement should include the key facts about your product or feature, as well as its unique value proposition. It’s also important to ensure your announcement has a compelling headline that captures the attention of readers. Additionally, use social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to amplify your message and get more eyes on your product/feature launch news.

Product/Sales Milestones

Product/sales milestones are another great way to generate favorable press coverage for your startup. These types of milestones demonstrate progress in terms of sales or customer acquisition numbers, which can be very attractive newsworthy pieces for reporters who cover the tech industry. When announcing these milestones, be sure to highlight any data points that can help show how successful you have been so far (e.g., year over year growth). Also consider creating visuals such as infographics or videos that help bring this data to life in an engaging way.

Significant Business Deals or Customers

Landing major deals or customers is also newsworthy enough to announce publicly. When communicating this news, make sure you include details about what the deal means for both parties involved and why it is beneficial for everyone involved—especially your company’s customers. Additionally, consider highlighting any unique aspects of the deal that make it stand out from similar deals in the industry and why other potential partners should take note too.

Fundraising If you have recently secured funding from an investor or venture capital firm, announcing this news publicly can be beneficial in several ways:

it establishes credibility with potential customers; gives prospective investors confidence; and helps build relationships with current partners by showing them how serious you are about taking your business forward. When crafting an announcement around fundraising news, try to emphasize how this new investment will benefit both customers and partners alike—this shows that you care about their needs as well as yours!


Making Connections with Reporters & Editors Startups should also focus on building relationships with reporters and editors covering their particular field or industry as part of their overall press strategy. This can be done through warm introductions from people within the startup community (e.g., VCs) who already know these reporters/editors personally or professionally. Doing so allows startups to establish trust with these media contacts early on and lays the groundwork for getting their stories out into the public when they’re ready! With these tips in mind, startups now have a roadmap for making the most out of press opportunities — whether it’s announcing product launches & features, recognizing & celebrating milestones in their growth journey, signing major deals & customers or securing new investments — all while building meaningful relationships with reporters & editors along the way!

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