How to Develop a Strong Product Sense for Your Projects

Product sense is essential for successful product development. It involves the skills of understanding user behavior, empathy, creativity, and the ability to craft products that have an intended impact on users. Jules Walter, a leading mentor in product design, has provided invaluable advice on how to develop a strong product sense.

What is Product Sense?

Product sense involves crafting products that have an intended impact on users. It takes into account user behavior, preferences, and desires and then applies those elements to create features or products that are intuitive and easy to use. Empathy and creativity are cornerstones of product sense – when developing a new feature or product it’s necessary to put yourself in the user’s shoes in order to understand what they want from it. Examples of products with strong product sense include iPhone design, Gmail, and Superhuman email client. In addition, there are five quick lessons about user behavior Jules Walter has gleaned from his experience observing people interact with products –

1) Users don’t read manual;

2) People learn by doing;

3) Users often need guidance;

4) Smarter interfaces simplify workflows;

5) Users respond positively when given control over their environment.

How to Develop Product Sense: Observational Tips from Jules Walter

Observing people interacting with products is a great way to gain insights into user behavior and preferences. Breaking down everyday products into its components can help you understand the thought process behind their creation as well as identify areas for improvement. Learning from great product thinkers by reading books and articles that discuss their views on crafting successful products will also help you develop your own product sense. Be curious about changes in technology and open up to new ideas when assessing potential designs for a project – this will allow you to stay ahead of the curve while gaining valuable feedback from customers along the way.


Developing a strong product sense is essential for successful project development, as it allows you to create features or products that are intuitive and easy-to-use while also taking into account user behaviors and preferences. Taking Jules Walter’s advice on observational tips can help you develop your own unique perspective on how best to craft your projects so they leave an intended impact on users. With enough practice and dedication, anyone can become adept at creating projects with strong product senses!

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