How PlugXR Makes Augmented Reality Accessible for Creative Professionals

Augmented reality (AR) is changing the way creative professionals are approaching their projects. With AR, creative professionals can now create experiences that engage and connect with customers in unique and innovative ways. However, building these AR experiences can be difficult and time-consuming, as it requires coding skills and hardware or software installation. This is why there is a growing need for creative professionals to find an easier way of incorporating AR into their projects.

PlugXR provides just that – an easy and accessible way for creative professionals to create augmented reality experiences without any code or software installation required. So let’s take a look at what PlugXR has to offer project founders, CEOs, developers, and more.

Cloud-Based Technologies

One of the main advantages of using PlugXR is that it uses cloud-based technologies so there’s no need to install any software or hardware on your device. This makes it easier for creative professionals to access augmented reality technology without having to worry about compatibility issues or technical problems associated with hardware or software installations. Additionally, PlugXR offers seamless collaboration between team members remotely which helps streamline the process of creating AR experiences even further.

Advanced Analytics Tracking Capabilities

Another great feature of using PlugXR is its advanced analytics tracking capabilities which allow you to monitor engagement with content in real-time. This helps creative professionals measure the success of their projects and make changes accordingly based on user feedback. Furthermore, this data can also be used to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour which can help inform future projects as well as marketing strategies. Finally, PlugXR also offers extensive support for all its products so you never have to worry about running into technical issues when using the platform.


In conclusion, there is a growing need for creative professionals looking to incorporate augmented reality (AR) into their projects due to its ability to engage customers in unique ways. Fortunately, PlugXR makes it easy and accessible for them by providing cloud-based technologies that don’t require any code or software installation as well as advanced analytics tracking capabilities so they can measure success in real-time. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an easier way of incorporating AR into your projects then PlugXR should be your go-to solution!

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