How Gibbons Rose to SVP of Product in Three Years

In this age of lightning-fast career changes, it’s no wonder that many professionals are looking for a quick way to the top. But for Gibbons, rising from producer to SVP of Product in three years wasn’t just a matter of luck; it was an intentional effort that he put forth. So what was his secret? How did he do it? Let’s take a look at Gibbons’ journey and examine the leadership skills and tools he employed along the way.

Early Career Highlights

Gibbons began his journey as a producer, developing software with others while learning leadership skills at various stages. He eventually moved up to VP within three years, delivering results while embodying culture and training great people who could eventually replace him. It was during this time that he gave his famous “Leaders Lead” talk which featured characters from his early career and lessons learned along the way.

Setting Himself Up For A Vice President Role

Gibbons then joined a high-growth company where he set himself up for success by demonstrating ownership and providing direction. He also showed an understanding of company culture by hiring people who shared their values and embodied their mission/vision/brand definition abilities. He also understood the importance of having domain expertise (product category + stage) during this time.

Leadership Tools Used By Gibbon

In order to move up further in the ranks, Gibbons used mission/vision statements coupled with strategy/tactics metrics to ensure success at each step. He also experimented with organizational design every 6-12 months depending on growth rate, implementing management systems like weekly one-on-ones or quarterly meetings as needed. Additionally, he focused on developing habits such as always asking “what’s best for the company?” when making decisions.


To rise from producer to SVP in three years is no small feat! But Gibbon’s success wasn’t due solely to luck; instead, it was due to intentional effort; intentional effort that included utilizing leadership skills and tools like mission/vision statements coupled with strategy/tactics metrics as well as experimenting with organizational design every 6-12 months depending on growth rate – among other things! With these tips in mind, CEOs everywhere can learn how they too can become successful leaders like Gibbon!

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