How Customer Support Can Help Engineers Improve Their Performance

Have you ever wondered how customer support can help engineers improve their performance? This is a question that Tal Raviv, founder of a software development project, recently asked. In response to this question, Brendan Duong and Andras Juhasz suggested several ways in which customer support could be integrated into the work of engineers. Let’s dive into these suggestions and explore how engineers can benefit from customer support.

Customer Empathy: Advantages of Having Engineers Do Support Tickets on an Occasional Basis

One suggestion from Brendan and Andras was for engineers to occasionally take part in customer support tasks. Doing so would provide them with a better understanding of the customer experience, develop communication skills between teams, and increase efficiency in response times. It may seem counterintuitive for engineers to do customer support tickets; however, it provides a unique opportunity for them to gain empathy for the customers’ experiences. Having an understanding of the customers’ needs from their own perspective gives engineers invaluable insight that can be used to create better products and services. What’s more, working with customers directly can help bridge any gaps between engineering and product teams. Lastly, having engineers do occasional support tickets allows companies to respond faster to inquiries since they don’t have to wait on someone else to answer them first.

Motivation for Engineers When Doing Support Tickets

Another suggestion from Brendan and Andras was setting quantitative KPI’s (key performance indicators) for minimizing interactions when engineers take part in support tickets. To make sure that there are no misunderstandings or discrepancies between teams during this activity, it is important that everyone involved is aware of what is expected of them before they begin working together. Setting KPI’s also helps keep everyone motivated by providing a clear goal to work towards achieving each task at hand. Furthermore, incorporating insights from customer service communications into other channels enables companies to provide tailored solutions that are tailored specifically for their customers’ needs. Finally, evaluating ROI (return on investment) for engineering when taking part in these activities ensures that resources are being used properly and efficiently while still providing excellent service levels across all departments within the company.


In conclusion, incorporating customer service into engineering activities provides many benefits such as improved understanding of the customer experience, development of communication skills between teams, increased efficiency in response times, setting quantitative KPI’s for minimizing interactions when doing tasks together , incorporating insights from customer service communications into other channels ,and evaluating ROI for engineering when taking part in this activity . By implementing these suggestions effectively into your organization’s processes, both your customers and your engineering team will benefit greatly from improved performance rates overall!

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