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How Airbnb Leveraged Data Science to Achieve Success

Airbnb’s data science team has been instrumental in the company’s success. Having a single quantitative north-star metric was key to fostering a culture of experimentation that allowed the company to quickly iterate and test new ideas. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Airbnb embedded data scientists in product teams, humanized the data, and implemented tooling for experiments.

Embedding Data Scientists in Product Teams

One of the most important ways that Airbnb leveraged their data science team was by embedding them in product teams. This enabled knowledge sharing across the organization and allowed data scientists to directly inform decision making on product teams. This also created an environment where teams had access to real-time insights that allowed them to optimize user experiences quickly and efficiently.

Humanizing the Data

Another way that Airbnb was able to leverage their data science team was by humanizing the data. By putting a face to numbers, it shifted conversations from opinion-based decisions to fact-based decisions that were grounded in real-world results. Humanizing the data made it easier for teams at Airbnb to understand why certain decisions needed to be made, what impact those decisions would have on users, and how they could further optimize user experiences based on concrete insights backed up by hard numbers.

Tooling for Experiments

Finally, Airbnb leveraged their data science team by implementing tooling that enabled teams to run reliable experiments quickly and easily. This tooling allowed engineers and product managers at Airbnb to design experiments without having to worry about potential problems such as selection bias or confounding variables. The tooling also helped ensure that experiments were well designed so that they could yield accurate results while still being cost effective and time efficient.


Airbnb has been able use their data science team effectively in order achieve success as a company. By leveraging their resources through embedding data scientists in product teams, humanizing the data, and implementing tooling for experiments – Airbnb has unlocked valuable insights which have helped them optimize user experiences and make better informed decisions across all aspects of their business operations. Thanks largely due these efforts – AirBnB is now one of the most successful companies in its space today!  ​​​​​

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