Get Ready for Reforge Spring 2022 Courses

Reforge is a leading provider of courses on product management, growth, marketing and engineering. For the Spring 2022 semester, Reforge has launched new courses to help professionals gain skills and knowledge in their respective fields. In addition to these course offerings, Reforge also provides a thriving Slack community filled with conversations and topics that can benefit your career. Let’s explore how you can get ready for the Spring 2022 courses at Reforge.

Taking a Sick Day to Join the Thriving Slack Community

Reforge’s Chief Product Officer Lenny Rachitsky encourages everyone to join the Slack community as it is “a great way to meet interesting people who work on interesting products — entrepreneurs, early stage founders, executives, investors…all sorts of people who have something to share.” What conversations or topics can be found in Slack? Conversations range from product design to software engineering fundamentals and more. Plus, by joining the Slack community during a sick day from work, you can still stay productive by engaging with peers within an online setting.

Applying for Reforge Spring 2022 Courses

If you are interested in taking one of the upcoming courses offered by Reforge this spring semester (2022), there are eligibility requirements and application information that need to be addressed first. The eligibility requirements include being at least 18 years old with some understanding of product management, growth marketing or software engineering fundamentals. To apply for any of the courses offered at Reforge this spring semester (2022), applicants must submit their application form before March 11th deadline. The onboarding process begins starting March 21st.

Conclusion: Get Ready for Reforge Spring 2022 Courses

Are you ready to join Reforge’s upcoming courses this spring semester (2022)? With just a few weeks left before applications close on March 11th and onboarding beginning on March 21st, now is the time act fast! Before submitting your application form or joining the thriving Slack community, make sure you brush up on your knowledge about product management, growth marketing and/or software engineering fundamentals if needed so that you are fully prepared when class begins in April 2021. Good luck!

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