Exploring the DHM Model to Enhance Margin

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a successful strategy for enhancing your margin. The DHM Model can help you make this happen. It stands for Delighting, Hard-to-Copy Advantage, and Experiments. We will break down each of these components in more detail and provide examples that you can use to get started on the path towards increased margin.

What is the Delight Model?

The Delight Model focuses on ideas and strategies that enable businesses to enhance their customer’s experience and build relationships with customers. This includes offering next-day delivery of DVDs, immediate streaming of movies or TV shows, a large selection of both movies and TV shows, easy access to videos, and other ideas that delight customers. By providing great customer experiences, businesses can increase their sales by gaining repeat customers or creating loyal fans which in turn increases their profit margins.

What are Seven Powers for Hard-to-Copy Advantage?

The Seven Powers for Hard-to-Copy Advantage are

  • Brand Power
  • Network Effects
  • Economies of Scale
  • Counter Positioning Strategies
  • Unique Technology Solutions
  • Switching Costs Considerations
  • and Process Power Advantages.

Each of these components plays an important role in helping businesses gain an edge over competitors by reducing costs and increasing profits. For example, Brand Power helps businesses build trust among customers while Network Effects allows them to leverage existing connections within their network to increase sales. By leveraging these seven powers strategically businesses can gain a competitive advantage that is hard to copy by other players in the market.

What are Experiments for Enhancing Margin?

Experiments are essential when it comes to enhancing margin as they allow businesses to test different pricing models or advertising campaigns without putting too much risk on their bottom line. Experiments should be run for long enough periods so that data can be collected accurately then analyzed against actual results from tests with different variables such as pricing models or marketing campaigns. Additionally, there are also some innovative ways businesses can utilize experiments such as using A/B testing or running split tests with multiple factors at once which can help them further optimize results from experiments conducted in order to maximize profits even more effectively.


The DHM Model is a powerful tool for enhancing margin by utilizing strategies such as Delighting Customers through creative ideas; leveraging Seven Powers for Hard-to-Copy Advantage; and conducting Experiments to test pricing models and advertising campaigns. By implementing this model strategically CEOs & founders will be able to optimize their margins significantly while delighting current & potential customers alike which ultimately leads to increased sales & profits! With the right tools & strategies any business can take its profits & customer relationships up a notch! Try out the DHM model today!

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