Exploring Augmented Reality in Pre-Primary Education

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been gaining steam as a powerful tool to enhance the learning process. AR technology allows users to interact with virtual images overlaid on the physical world through mobile devices or VR headsets. This cutting-edge technology is being used in classrooms around the world, providing students with immersive experiences and interactive lessons. In this blog post, we’ll explore how AR can be utilized in pre-primary education and why it’s becoming an increasingly popular teaching tool.

Practical Benefits of AR Technology

AR technology has a multitude of practical benefits for educators and students alike. For example, textbooks can come alive with interactive elements that allow students to learn by doing rather than simply reading from a book. Additionally, native English speakers can be virtually present in language classes to provide an authentic experience for learners. Anatomy classes can use virtual models of various organs and systems instead of dead bodies for learning purposes. And experimentation doesn’t require expensive equipment; AR makes it possible to do experiments right in the classroom, using virtual tools and equipment. Lastly, storytelling becomes more engaging when students are immersed in a 3D environment that they can control and interact with via augmented reality apps.

Examples of AR Technology & Resources Available

One company making waves with its innovative use of augmented reality is PlugXR, which provides custom apps that leverage this technology to create engaging educational experiences for all ages. Other popular platforms like Aurasma, Layar, QuiverVision, Wikitude Studio offer similar experiences but focus more on entertainment than education. There are also plenty of software programs available such as ClassVR or Google Expeditions that have been specifically designed for educational purposes. To get an idea of how these tools look and work in real classrooms, you can check out some examples from schools already utilizing augmented reality technology such as The Discovery School Hong Kong or Newton Academy India.


Augmented Reality offers myriad possibilities for enhancing pre-primary education through interactive learning experiences that engage children on multiple levels. When used correctly, AR technology provides teachers with the ability to bring their lessons to life in ways never before possible – something that just wasn’t achievable even a decade ago! As such, it’s no wonder why more and more schools are beginning to embrace this transformative technology and exploring the endless possibilities it offers for helping shape young minds today and well into the future!  ​

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