Create Your Career Ladder for Product Managers

A career ladder is an important tool for any business or organization that looks to hire product professionals and managers. It allows companies to properly structure job roles for product professionals, as well as provide a clear path for advancement within the company. This blog post provides resources on how to set up a career ladder, the skillsets product managers should build, and where to find opportunities as a product professional or manager.

Different Frameworks for Setting Up Product Management Roles

When setting up a career ladder, it’s important to consider factors such as titles at each level, attributes and competencies they evaluate for, and where the individual contributor (IC) and managerial tracks split. There are various frameworks available to help companies get started in setting up their career ladders. For example, the Product Leaders Framework offers five levels of product management roles from individual contributor through director-level roles. Each role has specific titles that focus on leadership and technical skillsets. The framework also offers templates that can be used when creating job descriptions.

Key Skills Product Managers Should Build

In order to be successful in their roles, product professionals should build certain key skillsets in order to increase their impact on the company. These skills include leadership, impact, scope execution, communication vision strategy collaboration planning and technical skills. It’s important that these skills are developed throughout one’s career so they can move up the ladder within a company or organization.

Finding Opportunities as a Product Professional or Manager

Nowadays there are several platforms available online that offer opportunities for product professionals and managers. Lenny’s Talent Collective curates world-class product and growth professionals with personalized job opportunities from selected companies worldwide . Their website features current open positions along with tips on how to use the platform effectively when looking for job opportunities .


In conclusion, building an effective career ladder is essential for businesses or organizations looking to hire product professionals or managers. It helps ensure that roles are properly structured and provides much needed clarity when it comes to advancement within the company . Creating a career ladder also lays out key skillsets that can help individuals move up in their organization . Lastly , there are several platforms such as Lenny’s Talent Collective available online which provide job opportunities specifically tailored towards product professionals or managers . By following these steps , businesses will have no problem finding great candidates who will help them reach their goals!

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