Crafting a Product Vision to Inform Your Strategy

A product vision is a statement that outlines the future of your product and how it will improve the lives of its users. It’s a roadmap for your project, and if done well, it can be an invaluable guide to inform the product strategy. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what key elements should be included in a product vision and how to craft one thoughtfully.

Responsibility for creating the vision lies with head of product and key leaders. This statement should be specific enough to provide clarity on where you want your project or company to go in two-to-ten years’ time—depending on the size of your company—but not so detailed that meaning is lost. You should also make sure that the scope covers all aspects of your business until meaning is lost, avoiding breaking into smaller visions. The right level of detail should provide a sense of how customer’s lives will be improved.

Crafting a strong product vision requires the input from both key leaders as well as individual contributors within the company. It also requires creative thinking and facilitated discussion in order to ensure that everyone has had their say and that no significant insight has been overlooked during this process. During this process, common problems may arise such as giving up on the vision too soon due to inadequate discovery skills or lack of funds/confidence when pivoting from one direction to another could have resulted in much more impactful solutions.

Product strategy changes frequently; however, a vision does not usually change much if detailed enough but may pivot when more impactful insight is uncovered calling for direction change. Keep an eye out for opportunities where pivots may be appropriate in order to ensure successful implementation of your overall strategy.


In summary, crafting a product vision is essential in informing your product strategy and helps keep your team focused on long term goals while keeping them aware of opportunities where pivots might be necessary. Crafting a thoughtful product vision takes creativity, dedication and input from multiple stakeholders within the company; but with careful consideration and attention to detail, it can provide invaluable guidance throughout the life cycle of any project or business endeavor. By following these steps you can ensure that you have considered all possibilities before making decisions about how best to move forward with any project or venture you have set out on! Thanks for reading!

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