Building an Investor Network: The Sam Corcos Way

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful investor network? Sam Corcos, the founder of Levels, did just that. This post will break down how Sam leveraged his investor network to build his successful company. We’ll discuss optimizing for eigenvector centrality, being diverse in your investor network, setting expectations early with investors, activating your network through an abundance mindset and setting good asks.

Optimizing for Eigenvector Centrality and Being Diverse

Sam was able to optimize for high eigenvector centrality when building his investor network. This means that he focused on finding investors who had strong networks themselves; by connecting with those investors, he was able to leverage their connections as well as theirs. He also made sure to diversify his investor network by making sure it included people from different backgrounds and experiences. Doing so gave him access to a larger pool of potential investors, which is always beneficial when trying to raise capital for a project or business venture.

Setting Expectations Early with Investors

To ensure that everyone was on the same page before accepting money from any investor, Sam set clear expectations early on in the process. He made sure that all prospective investors knew exactly what they were getting into before committing to anything; this not only created transparency but also allowed him to manage expectations better going forward. Additionally, he was able to make sure that all parties were comfortable with the terms of the agreement before moving forward.

Activating Your Network Through Abundance Mindset & Setting Good Asks

Sam used an abundance mindset when activating his investor network; he believed that there would be enough opportunities out there for both himself and the people he worked with or invested in. He also set good asks—in other words, requests that demonstrated respect and appreciation—to keep relationships healthy and productive throughout the process of building Levels’s funding base.


Building an effective investor network requires strategy and diligence—something that Sam Corcos understood well when he founded Levels. By optimizing for eigenvector centrality, diversifying his investor base, setting expectations early on with prospective investors, activating his network through an abundance mindset and setting good asks whenever possible, Sam was able to create a successful funding base for Levels in a relatively short period of time. For anyone looking to build their own successful business venture or project from scratch, learning from Sam Corcos’s approach can be extremely helpful!

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