6 Powerful Strategies to Build Trust in Your Marketplace

It’s no secret that trust is a key factor in the success of any business, especially in marketplaces. Lenny Rachitsky, the founder of Earnest Capital and the author of the popular newsletter, This Week In Startups (TWIS), has identified six effective ways to build trust in a marketplace. Let’s explore them.

Reviews – The Table Stakes

The first way to build trust with customers is to get reviews from previous customers. Reviews are an essential element for any marketplace because it gives potential customers an insight into what they can expect from your product or service. Good reviews will give customers peace of mind and confidence that your marketplace is reliable and trustworthy. However, bad reviews should not be ignored. Instead, use them as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and apply corrective action where necessary.

Verifying Supply – Making sure customers get what they pay for

Another way to build trust with buyers and sellers is by verifying supply. This means ensuring that goods or services purchased through your marketplace are indeed what was advertised so customers aren’t left disappointed by their purchase. For example, you could verify goods before they are shipped out or have some kind of inspection process in place for services offered on your platform so that buyers know they can depend on getting what they paid for when using your marketplace.

Leaning on Social Proof – Finding ways to leverage customer’s behavior, likes, reviews etc.

Social proof is another powerful way of building trust in a marketplace. Leveraging customer’s behaviors such as purchases, likes, shares and reviews can help create a sense of security for potential buyers who may not be familiar with your company or product yet but want assurance that it meets their needs before making a purchase. Additionally, social proof can also be used as a marketing tool to show how much people love your product or service which can encourage more people to try it out and become loyal customers in the process!

Creating Perception Of Quality – Going the extra mile to provide quality products or services

In order to build trust with buyers and sellers alike it’s important to show that you take pride in providing quality products or services every time someone uses your marketplace. This can be done through offering discounts for certain items or adding extra features like free shipping which will make customers feel valued and appreciated when using your platform! Additionally, having good customer service policies such as easy returns/refunds will demonstrate that you care about delivering the best possible experience each time someone visits your website or app which helps build loyalty over time!

Providing Safety Net – Establishing policies that protect buyers and sellers from fraud etc., as well as providing customer support system

It’s important for any successful marketplace to have safety nets in place such as policies against fraud which protect both buyers and sellers from deceptive practices and scams within their platform. Additionally, providing customer support systems like live chat options or email addresses where people can contact directly if they need help quickly shows potential users that you’re dedicated to helping them have the best experience possible while using your platform!

Delivering Magic – Implementing features that add that special something that makes customers excited about using your marketplace

Finally, adding small but meaningful “surprises” within your marketplace such as custom visuals or interactive elements can help create an experience unlike any other which will make users excited about coming back again! Additionally these unique features may even inspire word-of-mouth advertising amongst current users who share their experiences with friends!


Whether you’re just starting out with a new business venture or revamping an existing one—trust plays an integral part in its success rate; this rings especially true for marketplaces. Utilizing Lenny Rachitsky’s six principles of building trust—reviews, verifying supply, leaning on social proof, creating perception of quality through discounts/free shipping/good customer service policies; establishing safety nets; delivering magic—will ensure you remain competitively positioned in today’s digital economy while giving users peace of mind knowing their transactions are secure with you! With these powerful strategies implemented correctly into the foundation of one’s business model—there’s no telling how far you can go!

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